Pittsburgh Steeline

The Pittsburgh Steeline is an independent, professional drumline from Pittsburgh, PA. We provide exciting, positive, family-friendly entertainment at all Steelers home games.

Steeline Trailer Driver

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The Pittsburgh Steeline is looking for a reliable trailer driver/roadie!

Job Description:

We are currently looking for a trailer driver/roadie to pick up our trailer and drive it to and from home Steelers games. This is a great way for someone who loves the Steelers/Steeline to get involved with what we do.


-Must be available for all 10 Steelers home games (see www.steelers.com for schedule), 4 hrs ahead of kickoff (except for weeknight games, which are 2 hrs ahead of kickoff) until approx 1 hr after the game ends. This is a 10 day per year commitment!

-Must be willing and able to hitch and transport the Steeline trailer (located within the PGH city limits, approx. 15 minutes from Heinz Field) to and from all Steelers games.

-Must reside in the Pittsburgh area full-time.

Do not apply if you have any doubts about these first two requirements! Please check game dates/times prior to applying!

-Must have experience driving small trailers, boats, RVs, or other similar towed vehicles (CDL not required, but certainly would make you stand out as a candidate).

-Must be comfortable driving a 6' by 10' single axel box trailer...no internal brakes, has electric, unlaiden weight is approx 970 lbs.

-Must have a reliable vehicle with 2,500 lb towing capacity minimum, 4 pin connector outlet (or necessary adapter), trailer hitch built into bed of vehicle (NOT bumper)

-Driver must be able to demonstrate/provide the following:

valid insurance, pass a criminal background check, provide a PA Driving Record Check that shows no major infractions, provide 2-3 references who can attest to extreme reliability and dependability.

-Must be willing/able to assist with small tasks throughout the course of the Steelers games...general "roadie" work (some moderate lifting, walking, carrying small items).



The Steeline is a paid gig, but it is very much a labor of love. Our trailer driver only works for the 10 game days a year.

Our Steeline drummers, who also must attend weekly rehearsals, are paid $50 per game for their services, and the trailer driver/roadie would be earning a bit less than than per game.

In addition to financial compensation, other benefits include...

-Credentialed, field-level access to every Steelers home game. You will have the opportunity to attend every home Steelers game free of charge.

-Meal at all home games.

-Parking for your vehicle.

-Once in a lifetime opportunity to entertain fans at Steelers games, and be part of our unique collective of musicians!

To Apply:

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