Pittsburgh Steeline

The Pittsburgh Steeline is an independent, professional drumline from Pittsburgh, PA. We provide exciting, positive, family-friendly entertainment at all Steelers home games.

The Pittsburgh Steeline

Hailed as a "staple of Steelers entertainment" by the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, the Pittsburgh Steeline is a professional entertainment drumline from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steeline performs live at all Steelers home games, as well as many other Steelers team functions. Comprised of more than 25 local, professional, adult-aged drummers and support staff, the Steeline is an active performance ensemble throughout Western Pennsylvania, performing regularly at parades, races, conventions, and corporate and community events.

We pride ourselves in providing fun, engaging, energetic, family-friendly Steelers-themed entertainment. At our core, we are Steelers fans, just like you. We love to make music, support the team, and meet the wonderful people who make up Steelers Nation. Whether it be at a Steelers game, a festival, a parade, or any other event we may find ourselves at, we hope our music brings you some joy and puts a smile on your face. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

Here we go Steelers!