Pittsburgh Steeline

The Pittsburgh Steeline is an independent, professional drumline from Pittsburgh, PA. We provide exciting, positive, family-friendly entertainment at all Steelers home games.

Our cover of the Portugal. The Man song Feel It Still!

Directed and Produced by Ryan Gurrentz & Derek Liebert

Drumline Arrangements by Chad Heiny

Audio Recording/Mixing by Steve Flory and Chad Heiny

Featuring the members of the 2018 Pittsburgh Steeline

Feel It Still recording is property of Atlantic Records

High quality video/audio recording of one of our most exciting new pieces of 2016, 4:3! Filmed along the River Walk on Pittsburgh's North Shore. 4:3 is dedicated to Steelers great Troy Polamalu. The musical style is influenced heavily by the drumming of Samoan culture, which is Troy's heritage.

Our cover of the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk! Video recorded on 12/6/15 live before the Steelers vs. Colts game.

Directed and Produced by Ryan Gurrentz

Drumline Arrangements by Chad Heiny

Audio Recording/Mixing by Steve Flory and Brandon Paluzzi

Featuring the members of the 2015 Pittsburgh Steeline

Uptown Funk is property of RCA Records and Warner/Chappell Music.

The Steeline playing "Big Ben", featuring the awesome talents of our bass line and "Boom Squad" (flat bass drums) at our home game on 11/8/15. Check out the sweet camera angles! video courtesy of the amazingly talented Ryan Gurrentz

Onfield performance in southwest endzone, performing our tune "North Shore Noise."

Some folks from one of our sponsors, Remo Drumheads, joined us at the game for the 2015 Home Opener.  Here is some video footage they captured on this fantastic day!

Uploaded by Pittsburgh Steeline on 2016-10-26.

During pre-game of the 2015 Hall of Fame Game featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Minnesota Vikings, the Steeline and the Skol Line had an impromptu drum battle prior to the game, outside the stadium in Canton, Ohio. We were incredibly excited to be part of one of these rare meetings between Pro Sports Drumlines!

For more videos, check out our YouTube page!