Pittsburgh Steeline

The Pittsburgh Steeline is an independent, professional drumline from Pittsburgh, PA. We provide exciting, positive, family-friendly entertainment at all Steelers home games.

2017 Pittsburgh Steeline

If your name is on the list below, please click the ACCEPTANCE LINK listed below, and initial next to your name to accept the position.

Please do this ASAP, preferably right now. If we don't see your initials next to your name by Wednesday, 6/14/17 at 5:00 PM, we'll assume you are not interested in the spot.

ACCEPTANCE LINK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Dfb55nZd7sEZQjYN4l1MWhGRUHF7nac8XPts0lnayQQ/edit#gid=0

Snares (in random order):

Vince Wallace

Mike Beck^

Joe Prommopatum^

Chris Hogan

Lamar Riddick

Zane McCollum

GA Nicholas

Logan Orange

Snare Alternates (random order):

Steve Lugarich

Mike Long

Brett Simpson

Tenors (random order):

Charlie Houck^

Scott Day

Ryan Swaney

Brett Baumgardner/Nick Filotei (the final decision on this spot will be made in the coming weeks)


BD1: Aaron Crittenden (also snare alternate when needed)

BD2: Steve Flory^

BD3: Michael Garbett

BD4: Tim Matyas

BD5: Nick Kraska

Boom Squad (random order):

Rob Berletich

Nate Snisaski

Patrick Emmerick

Bass/Boom Alternates (random order):

Chaz Rosier

Jay Verbecken

Kenny Van Duzer

Cymbals (random order):

Matt Roble^

Olivia Sieff

Nicole Swaney

Beckie Unitas

Chad Kort

^Denotes Section Leader or Co-Section Leader